It’s Because I’m Better Than You

Valarie, half asleep, tried first to reason with me. She had to travel for work and couldn’t come home anytime soon. There was money on the bankcard she uses to send mama cash.

“Nessa just take the card, buy some stuff, put it in a box and say I mailed it,” she said.

Put that in Your Kate Spade

Mama is always teaching me lessons. Even now, when she is blind and almost completely dependent on me, there are all kinds of ways she is helping me to be a better person. Lesson #999? If I’m to make it through this roller coaster that is my life these days I’m going to have to… Continue reading Put that in Your Kate Spade

Here Too Soon…

It seems to be the theme in the history of mama and me. Here too soon. Mama was a baby when she had me, not yet 16. My grandmother told me the story of the day I came into this world in a letter she wrote me on my 16th birthday. She talked about how… Continue reading Here Too Soon…